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FORWARD RX33×120 HDD rig getsa second wind.


FORWARD RX33×120 HDD rigis a horizontal directional drilling rig with high quality and high efficiency specially developed for European market and very popular among European and CIS customers. 


Recently, FORWARD improved the performance of RX33×120 drilling rig.

What kind of improvement and modernization we did?

1)   Upgrade the hydraulic system – Now the service maintenance become much easier and more comfortable, working process more stabilized.  

2)   Upgrade the electric system – Improved wiring and advanced short circuit protection.

3)   Upgrade the rotation system – The rotation pump upgrade let us to increase the maximum torque up to 15 000 Nm. 

4)   Upgrade the drill rods – Now we use more reliable and effective drill rods with higher diameter of rod body. Heavy-duty drill rods with 76mm diameter in rod body. (Instead of 73mm).


Two modern upgraded FORWARD RX33×120 Plus HDD equipment are already manufactured and shipped top their first customers from Southeast Asia