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Leadership of Lianyungang cityinspectsFORWARD


In October 31, the mayor, Lianyungang economic and technical development zone, Mr. Cao Weidong visited our factory. The members and leaders of Lianyungang economic development department and factory’s service center department also took part in the inspection.  

The General Manager of FORWARD factory, Mr. Shen Jianjun reported to Mr. Cao Weidong the general situation about the factory, showed the production field.


 Mr. Cao Weidong was satisfied with executed work, at the same time encouraged FORWARDnot to be ready to restandgo on working hard, develop technological innovation, be ahead of national economy strategy "The Belt and Road". At the same time, continue to make progress as a forward international company.

Finally,Cao Weidong also cordial to the company’s front-line staff.

At the end of visit, Mr. Cao Weidong expressed his sincere sympathy to all members of FORWARD factory.